The Study Group stories! The PLoS Biology paper is out!


After nearly a year of intense brainstorming, our story on building Study Groups is out in the open. Sarah and I act as community leads in Madison-Wisconsin (USA) and Amsterdam (Netherlands) at our respective Universities. Our communities of practice in scientific programming are affiliated to Mozilla Science Lab Study Groups foster and support Life Scientists lost under a data avalanche. Communities of practice in scientific programming help to break the impostor syndrome, network with other researchers engaged in programming and data analysis, break organisation silos that keep different fields and expertise separated, etc.

Read the full story in PLoS Biology:


Stevens SLR, Kuzak M, Martinez C, Moser A, Bleeker P, et al. (2018)
Building a local community of practice in scientific programming for life scientists.
PLOS Biology 16(11): e2005561.

Written on November 28, 2018