I am a Research Data Manager and Data Scientist living in the Netherlands.

Originally trained as a “wet-lab” Plant Molecular Biologist, I progressively drifted towards Genomics, Data Management and Data Science.
Presently, I work at the Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences (University of Amsterdam) as a support scientist for fellow researchers to help them implement good practices in Research Data Management (RDM), Research Software development and Data Analysis in general. In particular, I participate in a project together with SURFsara and the HvA/UvA ICTS Department to build a technical solution for RDM and Data Analysis which will help to safeguard and reuse research data.

Finally, to help Life Scientists facing issues in Bioinformatics, Statistics, Data Science and Genomics, I coordinate the Amsterdam Science Park Study Group and regularly organise events and Software/Data Carpentry Foundation workshops on Bioinformatics and Data Science topics.