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Here you’ll find a few useful links on my institute (IGEPP), bioinformatics and personal blogs.

Institute for Genetics, Environment and Plant Protection (IGEPP)

IGEPP represents a strong and ambitious community of 200+ people working on plant protection, genetics and environment and studying different crops such as rapeseed, pea, potato, wheat, etc.

Its aims are centred on the improvement of new plant protection and culture systems taking into account sustainability, respect for the environment, and low input utilisation. To reach these goals, IGEPP:

  • Combines Research, Professional partnership and Training activities
  • Benefits from a diversity of professions: scientists, professors, technicians, students
  • Develops a consortium between INRAE, Institut Agro and the University of Rennes.

International Legume Society

The International Legume Society was founded in 2011 with the aims to maintain the rich legume research tradition of the former European Association for Grain Legume Research (AEP) and to expand it thematically to forage legume and geographically to all regions of the world.

ILS aims to become the main hub of information and exchange on legume research and exploitation worldwide, linking together the different aspects of agricultural research on the genetic improvement, agronomy and utilization of grain and forage legumes from the Old World and the Americas.

Its major activities include, inter alia, the organization of a triennial international scientific conference, and the dissemination of scientific and technical results by the quarterly international journal Legume Perspectives.


Bioinformatics Workbook

A great source of hands-on tutorials on various bioinformatic topics > Link

Personal pages

Pietro Marchesi

Personal blog of Pietro Marchesi, a computational neural data analyst (Swammerdam Institute, University of Amsterdam, NL). Pietro makes a nice regular Data Bulletin where he writes about data anlaysis and statistics. He also makes tutorial on topics such as High Performance Computing e.g Slurm.

Sarah Stevens

Personal blog